In order for your hair and eyelash extensions to last as long as possible we recommend that you follow some simple maintenance and after care techniques. Hair extensions are reusable so they really are a great investment in your beauty regime – as long as you look after them properly that is!


Here are some great tips on looking after your hair extensions:

Use shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for hair extensions. Hannah can advise you on the best shampoos to use, which she can even supply, but they can also be bought at your local Boots.

Wash your hair a maximum of twice a week. Dry shampoo can be used daily if required.

Always blow dry your hair extensions after washing, never leave them to dry naturally.

Use a special hair extensions hairbrush and employ a specific brushing technique. Hannah will teach you this in the consultation.

Book a maintenance session with Hannah every 6-8 weeks. She will replace any hair that’s come out, tighten those extensions that have slipped down, and separate the bonds where needed.

With any hair extensions it is best to remove them after 3-4 months as your hair will have grown out. The good news is that if you’ve looked after them well you can reuse them and get them put back in!

With the correct maintenance your hair extensions will look perfect while you’re wearing them and they will last and last so you can reuse them over and over. Go on, invest in yourself!

For questions, more information or to book a free consultation contact Hannah today.

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