Eyelash Extensions Horsham


Would you like:

  • Longer eye lashes?
  • Fuller eye lashes?
  • Black eye lashes for greater impact?

It sounds like eye lash extensions could be for you! Let Hannah enhance the length and volume of your own eye lashes in order to make you look and feel even more beautiful.

Lash extensions are individually applied to your own lashes with a little glue.

They come in a wide range of lengths and thicknesses.

The lashes last between 2 to 3 weeks and only take 1 hour to apply.

Correct maintenance will help your lashes to last as long as possible.

No aftercare required, they fall off naturally with your own eye lashes.


No more panda eyes! With eye lash extensions you don’t need to wear mascara. That means no more streaky cheeks and morning smudges, just long, luscious lashes. If you prefer to wear mascara then there is a specific product that Hannah can advise you on, but the black lashes will give you plenty of definition and impact.

See our prices for eye lash extensions.

Tempted? Then call Hannah today to book your first appointment today.