Aftercare is very important when wearing hair extensions. So follow these simple steps for longer lasting hair extensions!

  • Specialist hair extension shampoo and conditioner must be used, preventing the bonds from breaking down which can be caused from using commercial shampoos.
  • Always wash your hair in the shower with your head back, never put it forward over a bath.
  • Stroke the shampoo down the hair, squeeze gently and do not rub.
  • Rinse thoroughly then apply the specialist conditioner to the mid length down only – DO NOT APPLY TO BONDS.
  • When brushing extensions always support them with one hand at the top using a specialist brush.
  • Always tie your hair back when swimming,sunbathing,sleeping & taking part in sports. You can either put it in a low ponytail or a lose plait.
  • Separate extensions regularly so matting does not occur. It is best to do this when hair is wet ( this will be shown how to do when hair is fitted)
  • Some discomfort maybe expected for the first 2 weeks as ur scalp needs to get used to the extra weight of hair that has been applied.
  • Maintenance is highly recommended (every 4-6 weeks) especially for those who wear them long term.